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COVID-19 Update: CURRENT TELEHEALTH OPENINGS. In order to support slowing the spread of COVID-19, Rise Up is seeing clients through telehealth (live video) only, until December 31, 2020. Rise Up uses HIPAA compliant, secure video conferencing that is easy and free for clients to use. It just takes one click to start your video session with us!


Specializing in working with people who experience self-criticism, judgmental self-talk and chronic anxiety.

153 Park Row, Suite 103, Brunswick, ME 04011 | info@riseupcenter.com | (207) 504-3587

What can you expect at Rise Up®?
It’s all about you!

When you choose to become a client at Rise Up®, you will be heard. You will create your path forward with our team teaching skills, promoting strengths use and encouraging you along the way. The journey of counseling is yours, and providers will facilitate the strengthening of your own voice as guidance to pursue your unique path.

Our clients come to us feeling anxious and overwhelmed with thoughts focused on worst case scenario “what ifs” keeping them up at night. Stress has taken a toll on the body, including intense digestive and cardiac experiences. Self-doubt and judgments dominate. Avoiding in order to accommodate anxiety has impacted lifestyle, often limiting trying new things, decision making, meeting new people and living the best life possible.

Does this sound familiar? If so, contact Rise Up® to begin rising up above the grip anxiety has. You can expect to gain from counseling a sense of self and confidence in your ability to manage symptoms and stressors. Our clients learn skills that allow them to increase self-advocacy, participation in social situations and improved decision making strategies.

Rise Up Suite 103

Rise Up Suite 103


About Our Practice

Jessica Packard, LCPC, started Rise Up® in 2017 after years in the field in clinical work and management. As Jess states, "Because of my personal and professional experience, I know we are more than a diagnosis, we are a whole body and being. We are strong because of challenges, not in spite of them." Jess is honored when clients feel they can share a piece of themselves and is in awe of the strengths that she sees in her clients. Her goal, and the goal of Rise Up® is to build on these strengths to enable growth.

Strengths awareness and attention to the whole body underlie all treatment modalities used at Rise Up®. You can expect to work with your provider using traditional methods, such as CBT, along with expressive art and sand tray. To learn more about evidenced based practices, see the FAQ section below.

Values at Rise Up® are placed on client care, staff care and community connections equally. Not only do we assist our clients, but we also provide quality training for clinical interns, enabling a unique experience for them in private practice to create their own opportunities.

Sand tray: "Manifesting a Positive 2019" J. Packard

Sand tray: "Breathe" J. Packard



Jessica Packard, LCPC
Founder & Lead Counselor

I work with clients to calm self-criticism and crush the anxiety that holds them back. I find my work energizing and I’m grateful for clients, team members and supervisees who allow me to participate in their journey of growth. Through all of these connections, I have seen amazing strength, healing, perseverance, creativity and drive.

My career has brought me to counseling and practice management because of a skill and interest that began when I was a child. When I struggled to find my way, my Mom taught me to block noise and judgments from others and myself and listen to my inner voice. She named this inner character ‘Yippee Girl’ (because I was a spunky chatterbox). I would later learn this character my mom had created is at its root a compilation of many things: self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-confidence, individuality, motivation, drive, instinct, conscience and moral compass. I have learned finding your inner voice and amplifying it moves you from misery and defeat to grounded and flourishing. You will Rise Up when your inner voice is the one that guides you. My skill is in seeing and celebrating other people’s ‘Yippee!’ voice, that is why I am a counselor and practice owner. Thanks Mom! YIPPEE!

Prior to starting Rise Up®, I managed Outpatient Therapy, Case Management (TCM, CIS and BHH) and Section 28 Children’s In-home Support programs. I currently provide individual treatment, manage and supervise Rise Up Interns, Employees and Contractors and provide clinical supervision to individuals and groups.


  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)
  • Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP) - Nationally recognized certification indicating additional training in the areas of alternative medicine and nutrition as they relate to mental health. Although I do not prescribe medication nor nutrition plans, I provide psychoeducation and frequently collaborate and refer to other integrative providers. Whole body wellness is recognized at Rise Up®.
  • Certified Clinical Child and Adolescent Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP-CA) - Nationally recognized certification indicating additional training in diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders in children.
  • Mental Health Rehab Technician- Community (MHRT-C) - Maine certification required to provide case management.

Licensure and Education:
I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), licensed to practice in the state of Maine.
I earned my Master’s in Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, concentrating in Play Therapy, at the University of Southern Maine (2011) and I have an undergraduate degree from Southern New Hampshire University in Psychology, concentrating in Child and Adolescent Development (2009). I have an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design (1999) from White Pines College.

Additional training in modalities/populations:
I have completed additional coursework and am experienced with the following modalities (treatment methods): Telehealth, Expressive Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Positive Psychology/Strengths Based approaches, Psychoeducation in Integrative Medicine, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT). I have additional training and experience with the following populations: children and adults with ADHD, as well as parent skill building.


Interns at Rise Up® are supervised by Jessica Packard, LCPC and are completing the counseling hours needed to fulfill their own graduate degree and clinical licensing requirements.


Carrie Ryba, graduate student USM
I have always been intrigued by the emotions and behaviors of people, and was drawn to being a helper. I’ve spent many years of my professional life working with youth to make positive change, and find inspiration through the exploration of themselves and the world around them. I have found it’s a two way street, as I learn and grow alongside them as well. Both before and after receiving my degree in Art Ed over twenty years ago, I had felt drawn to becoming a counselor. Three years ago the door opened for me to begin on that path, and I am now in the final stages of realizing that goal. I find the use of expressive arts and mindfulness an enormous wealth of opportunity for coping and regulating, and also encouraging the revelation of those parts of ourselves that are not as prominent, but still very important. I look forward to working with clients of all ages, being an empathic presence, helping to shape meaning, develop insight, and find personal growth during life’s challenges and transitions.

  • A Teaching Site for Interns
  • Rise Up® offers a unique opportunity for counselors in training to be immersed in a small, treatment focused, wellness and strengths based private practice. Interns choosing Rise Up® to complete the final phase of their clinical training to earn their master’s degree and licensure experience a quality teaching site with engaged, supportive supervision. Interns provide individual and/or group treatment and are encouraged to explore their own passion to develop community connections and create a clinical niche.

    Rise Up® has options for continuity of supervision from internship through conditional hours. We work with USM’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program as well as other CACREP accredited schools.

    If you are approaching internship in your counseling program, contact Rise Up® now for an amazing placement!

Watercolor: "Where Does My Body Feel Stress?" 2020 J. Packard

Ink on paper: "Cooling a brain on fire" J. Packard


Services & Rates

  • Individual Counseling
    (Office based or telehealth)
  • 45 minute session

  • Provided by a fully licensed and experienced clinician

  • $125/session

  • Counseling with Intern
    (Office based or telehealth)
  • 45 minute session
  • Provided by an graduate student intern who is unlicensed and under direct supervision, working towards master’s degree and licensure
  • $30/session

  • Individual Clinical Supervision
  • 45 minute supervision
  • Available for conditionally licensed and fully licensed clinicians
  • $125/session

  • Group Clinical Supervision
  • Provided on site for organizations
  • Meets Mainecare's supervision requirements for clinicians, case managers, DLS in home support
  • Contact us for cost


Scheduling & Payment

To schedule an initial appointment, please contact us at:
     Email- info@riseupcenter.com
     Phone- (207) 504-3587

Managed care has increasingly dictated and impeded treatment options, so Rise Up® has made the decision to end all contracts with insurance providers. In order to provide quality client care focused on strengths rather than disease, Rise Up® is a fee for service only practice and does not accept insurance or submit documentation for out of network benefits.

We do not have a sliding scale, however sessions with interns who are working on completing training and licensure are offered at a significantly reduced rate of $30.

The client payment process is easy with our secure client portal where credit/HSA card information is entered in order to reserve sessions. The card is charged after each session without taking your treatment time! (Please know that missed sessions will also be charged.)


Contact & Location

Rise Up®
Center for Growth and Wellness

153 Park Row, Suite 103
Brunswick, ME 04011

Email: info@riseupcenter.com
Phone: (207) 504-3587
Fax: (207) 221-1827

Rise Up® is located in the Pumpkin House, a well-known landmark in Brunswick, Maine.

The second floor waiting area for Suite 103.


If you are scheduled in Suite 103, your waiting area is on the second floor.

  • Before 5pm, you can enter the building on the Park Row side, next to the Pauline’s Bloomers Florist sign. Go up the stairs and the waiting area is on the second floor on the right.
  • After 5pm the front door is locked, enter the building using the side entrance in the garden. Go up the first set of stairs and around the small wall in front of the staircase. Go up a few stairs and the waiting area is on the second floor on your left.
  • Please be mindful this is a common waiting area and surrounding offices request quiet.
  • Do not use your cell phone anywhere in the very quiet professional building.

If you are scheduled in Suite 102, your waiting area is on the first floor, connected to the treatment room in the back of the building.

  • Suite 102 waiting area can be accessed directly in the back of the building (not on the Park Row side), facing the private parking lot. Do not park in this lot, see parking info in FAQs.
  • If you are standing in the private lot, the entrance is on the right, accessed by the small stair case.
  • Please arrive at your session time rather than early, as this waiting area is very cozy.
  • Do not use your cell phone anywhere in the very quiet professional building.

The entrance to Suite 102 is at the rear of the building. The waiting area is connected to the treatment room on the first floor. Enter on the private lot side of the building and use the entrance with stairs, not the ramp.

The after 5 pm entrance to the Suite 103 is on the garden side of the building. Enter here and go to second floor waiting area.

  • Brunswick has a thriving downtown and sometimes parking takes a few extra minutes.
  • Please note if your session occurs during the Farmer’s Market or other events on the town green, plan on reduced parking options.
  • You may park in the many public spaces on School Street, Park Row or Maine Street.
  • DO NOT PARK in the lot behind the Pumpkin House, it is for tenant use only and you will be at risk of being towed.

One of Rise Up’s waiting areas is on the second floor, and the other has three steps, however, both offices are on the first floor and one is ramp accessible. Please let your provider know in advance if you or a family member has a preference to use the ramp for access to the building. We will plan ahead to accommodate your needs.

No, we do not provide crisis or emergency support. Each provider has business hours that will be reviewed with you and they are not available outside those hours.

In the case of an emergency, please call 911. If you or someone you love is experiencing a crisis please call the crisis hotline at (888) 568-1112.

We care about you and want the best support possible in times of crisis!

The client portal is a secure login that does not require a password, and enables you to schedule appointments, make payments, contact us, and access our telehealth services. A link to the client portal is provided beneath our website menu options, our you can click here: CLIENT PORTAL

If you do not have access to our client portal yet, you will be provided this before your first appointment.

Rise Up evidenced based practices used include but aren’t limited to:

  • Positive psychology and strengths approach - Rise Up® uses the wellness model, rather than the medical model which focuses on illness. Positive psychology and strengths based approaches are backed with research demonstrating positive outcomes in treatment. Strengths awareness and utilization underlie all modalities used at Rise Up.
  • Expressive art methods - We use a range expressive methods including drawing, painting, song writing and dance as a way to connect to and process our emotions.
  • Play therapy methods - Play is our first language! Using play therapy connects to a different part of the brain that isn’t as dependent on language and is helpful when it feels too overwhelming to talk.
  • Sand tray methods - When words and rational problem solving are maxed out and we are still stuck, the sand tray heals! We create 3D worlds in the sand as other therapeutic methods are used.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - CBT helps bring awareness to patterns of thinking that are harmful and creates a roadmap to choosing more adaptive thinking.
  • Motivational interviewing (MI) - MI is an effective way to decrease stuckness and begin engaging in goal creation and attainment.
  • Internal Family systems (IFS) - Do you ever feel like a part of you feels one way and another part of you feels the opposite, or there’s a part of you that still feels like you are a child and the other part judges you? Internal Family Systems is a way to give a voice to all of your parts, to reduce internal conflict and to get parts to connect.

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